Half Baked Mirth and Drivel

Give your character 200+ problems :: rip for the story picking

Need some ideas for things that can happen to your characters in your stories?

  1. Spill the food you just spent hours cooking on the floor
  2. A new person in the relationship breaks the date
  3. Kid puts something bad into their mouth and gets hurt
  4. Slip and fall
  5. Car breaks down
  6. Battery goes bad in car
  7. Run out of soap in the shower
  8. Get a heavy duty hangover
  9. Deadline is tomorrow
  10. Get Finger-Banged
  11. Mail delivery does not have what you are expecting
  12. Dog poops in your yard
  13. Forget to set the alarm clock
  14. Spill wine on that new shirt
  15. Family member dies
  16. Sick from food poisoning
  17. Microwave explodes your food
  18. Tree falls in your yard after a storm
  19. A baby is born
  20. Get soaked in a rainstorm
  21. Witness an accident
  22. Attend a funeral
  23. Get stuck in the snow
  24. Poop in your pants
  25. Turned down for a job
  26. Discover your cloths don’t fit any more
  27. Get turned down for a date
  28. Get an unexpected call to the boss’s office
  29. Lose the keys
  30. Lose your hearing aid
  31. Hair dryer has a meltdown
  32. Get something on your cloths before big job interview
  33. Client does not pay
  34. Lose your train ticket
  35. Spider shows up unexpected
  36. Circuit breaker blows from overload
  37. Kid breaks a new toy
  38. Newspaper gets taken by a dog
  39. Run out of gas
  40. Stay up too late
  41. Fire someone
  42. Someone eats all your birthday cake
  43. Vacuum belt breaks
  44. Light bulb goes out
  45. Get a new leak in the roof
  46. Cake falls in the oven
  47. You finally realize you need glasses
  48. Package delivered broken
  49. Kid lies to you
  50. Lose money
  51. Lose your bikini top
  52. Your dog gets fleas
  53. Find a typo in your published article
  54. Gym membership expires
  55. Lose your w2 tax form
  56. Get cut off on the interstate by a grandma
  57. Printer jams with your resume in it
  58. Dear jumps out in front of you on the interstate
  59. Get into a fight with a calling telemarketer
  60. Lose your glasses
  61. Dog eats your food/shoe/pillow
  62. Christmas tree falls over
  63. Your kid says something embarrassing in public
  64. Hire someone
  65. Stub you big toe
  66. Buy a SUV and gas prices explode by 3X
  67. Broom handle breaks
  68. Fog covers the view of traffic
  69. Cookies burn
  70. Look a man in the eye and get punched
  71. Spill food on your cloths
  72. Find out the coupon is expired at the checkout
  73. Simi truck swerves while making a pass around
  74. You actually slip on a banana
  75. Play Pat-a-cake with a toddler
  76. Fall out of a tree
  77. Get a severe rash
  78. Overeat and puke
  79. Lose your wallet
  80. You are late for that date
  81. Pants fall down
  82. Gulp a glass of water with soap residue
  83. Catch a cold
  84. Key fob battery dies
  85. Slip on the ice
  86. Spill hot water on yourself
  87. Send text to wrong person
  88. Pet goes missing
  89. Stung by a bee
  90. Pick out your party cloths
  91. Cannot sleep
  92. Washing machine breaks
  93. Cat rips up the couch
  94. Spouse leaves you
  95. Get scammed
  96. Use candles when power goes out
  97. Complete a cooking course
  98. Pick out wrong size cloths
  99. Falsely accused
  100. Cat poops right before guest arrive
  101. Betrayed by friend
  102. Mean enough to take food from a baby
  103. Get snowed in
  104. Splashed from puddle by passing car
  105. Inspect a product for safety
  106. Get sick without insurance coverage
  107. Credit card stolen
  108. Forgot to wash your cloths
  109. Crack the glass on the cell phone
  110. Burn your hand on the stove
  111. Get a splinter
  112. Cat pee’s on your laundry
  113. Get stuck inside a small car
  114. Bird poops on your windshield
  115. Personal attack towards an opinionate
  116. Eat bad food
  117. Get stuck in s tight space
  118. Go to a wine tasting
  119. Library book goes overdue
  120. Break that new gold chain
  121. Popped in the groin playing baseball
  122. Pant leg caught in bike chain
  123. Lose a baby tooth
  124. Lawnmower Runs Out of Gas
  125. Toaster catches on fire
  126. Lone a book and never get it back
  127. Missed a chance
  128. Have an argument with a flight attendant
  129. Get a DNA test
  130. Get a hangnail
  131. Dinner by candle light
  132. Blow your transmission out
  133. Wear two different color socks
  134. Family member terminal and in hospital
  135. Bite your tongue
  136. Scrape ice off your windshield
  137. Argue with a significant other
  138. Blame someone
  139. Fight with your dad/mom
  140. Burn that turkey in the oven
  141. Swallow a gnat
  142. Get soap in your eyes
  143. Pee on yourself by accident
  144. Tap three times before opening a beer can
  145. Never step on a crack
  146. Make a baker’s dozen of cookies
  147. Ride a skateboard to work
  148. Read a tabloid
  149. Grocery bag breaks with glass jars
  150. Make some homemade salsa
  151. Sing out of tune in the choir
  152. Vacuum burns out
  153. Flashlight batteries die
  154. Get you cloths pressed every week
  155. Spend more time planning than doing
  156. Never wash behind your ears
  157. Shave your head everyday
  158. Pick and flick
  159. Soda can explodes
  160. Friend embarrasses you
  161. Graduate from college
  162. Go food shopping
  163. Run that stop sign
  164. Drop you kids off at school
  165. Spread a rumor
  166. Internet surfing Exhaustion
  167. Fix an election
  168. Hit by a baseball
  169. Take a road trip
  170. Lead a project
  171. Fall into a pool
  172. Spider Bite
  173. Friend for the past just shows up
  174. Send a happy holiday card in June
  175. Make popcorn
  176. Lips chap
  177. Get a caricature made
  178. Ink on your cloths
  179. You Get Hit by a Speeding Maniac
  180. Win a trophy
  181. Visit a graveyard
  182. Ride a bus to work for the heck of it or because you have too.
  183. Wash the dishes that have been sitting for a week
  184. Eat dinner with your family
  185. Someone buys the last of what you wanted
  186. Play fantasy football
  187. Hike to the top of a high peak
  188. Vote for the first time
  189. Have a killer sex dream
  190. Go to comedy show
  191. DIY the leaking sink
  192. Go on a Savage Hunt
  193. Cause an argument
  194. Take a test
  195. Water boils over on the stove
  196. Pull a muscle in your back
  197. Over Eat Some Candy
  198. Smoke a Cigar
  199. Pipes Freeze in House
  200. Put the wrong garbage out for collection
  201. Get smacked for talking to someone’s face
  202. Forgot all the drinks for a party
  203. Get pranked by your best buddy
  204. Valet loses your key
  205. Golf shot into the sand pit
  206. Lose a shoe in the river
  207. People think you are a girl instead of a boy because of your name

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