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By: Kenny Eoin
Stay At Home Internet Travel Writer

Every day I travel the world but don’t leave my travel office in my apartment.  I packed light today. I did not bother cleaning my desk (On special occasions I clean up, like if we visitors or it’s Saturday chores.) Today, I did grab a cup of coffee and a handful of walnuts and fired up the laptop. I only have about 30 minutes of travel time this AM. It’s 6:14, but not sharp. My travel office is in Atlanta. It’s warm and rainy, but still winter. I wonder where else in the world it could be warm and rainy. I thought for a moment or two, maybe even three while my browser opened to a trusty internet map application.  Thirty-four seconds later I landed in Bogra Bangladesh

See a cool picture of the city of Bogra

I found an interesting place called “Bogra Edward Paura Park” (24.8471287,89.370194).
Map data: Google

I always do something interesting while traveling. Today I’m setting up a table with a sign on it that says “English / Latin / Croatian Teacher – 30 Minutes Free.”  I do not know either Latin or Croatian and I only know English between a novice to a little under advance level. It does not matter too much, because most of the time when I travel to teach languages, nobody takes advantage of my thirty minutes free and I end up leaving after thirty-one minutes or less. And it’s still free.

This visit is fun.  Nobody has attacked me. I am a little nervous. Our American news pounds us about bad things happening around the world. Bogra sounds like a possible place where people might get upset, string you up or drag you through the streets by your toes, but only sounds that way.  From the looks of things, I would say they are pretty happy here.  So far no takers on any English, Latin or Croatian lessons, but I do see a statue of an Elephant, a Camel and a Giraffe. And, all of them have a certain I was carved Bangladesh look to them, but I bet they were made in China. Nobody appears to be at the park today. I was looking forward to a good pretend conversation.  I have 360’ed the place a couple times while drinking a cup of Bulletproof Coffee (More on that in a later post but here is a link). It looks like is is either raining or just stopped, which I think it does most of the time in Bangladesh, but I staying dry at my travel office in Atlanta. My youngest kid Mac woke up first this AM. He is visiting me and looking at my monitor while demanding “I want Pop-tarts.” I replied, “Give me a Second,” but now Auggie is here and he is telling me he needs to pee and is hungry as well.

My travel for the day was a round trip in about twenty Two Minutes. A nice little excursion. When you have a moment I recommend checking out the statues and the palm trees in Bogra Edward Paura Park, Bangladesh.

From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository

TIP: Rickshaws are available and are an advised way to travel (I look up tips while traveling)




P.S. I normally have Pandora on in the background, but I forget this AM. It would have been on my Mindfields Radio station.

P.S.S. I am a veteran internet traveler. I have been traveling since the first maps appeared on the internet, and in life since 1988. THIS IS MY FIRST POST AS A STAY AT HOME TRAVEL WRITER. It’s now 6:58 AM and this POST IS UNEDITED. 

P.S.S.S On time my son and I sat for several hours and drove a Google mapping car from the beginning to the end of the Portugal coastline. It pretty amazing. One day, maybe just maybe I will do it for real.


I do hope you enjoyed my little excursion. Please come back and see where I traveled.

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