I’m Getting a Cheeseburger Today

Canadian Style Cheeseburger in Atlanta

BY: Kenny Eion (Un-edited by any reasonable person)

I’m getting a cheeseburger today. It’s not any old heat-it-in-the-microwave, throw it in-a-box cheeseburger, but one of those cheeseburgers that melts in your mouth, loaded with cheese and mayo. It will be stacked two patties high, piping hot off the grill in a sesame seed bun. It needs to be accompanied by deep fried sweet potato fries with jalapeno peppers. (call them Spanish fries)

The first time I had a cheeseburger with an out of the world taste was in Canada. I was at Niagara Falls in 1992. They had a cheeseburger stand next to the falls. I was hungry when saw the stand. I asked for a hamburger and the stand’s chef asked, “Do you like cheese?” I told him I did and he cooked me a soon-to-be-known-to-me a glorious Canadian style cheeseburger. It melted in my mouth. It was freezing cold out, and it warmed my belly.

Today I decided to get a delicious Canadian style cheeseburger here in Atlanta. Atlanta is not in Canada. I am glad it’s not. It’s cold in Canada, and Atlanta is a hot city. The two would not mix well together. I have the location and chef picked out. They are Georgia famous. I’m sure the chef will be up to the task of my not-on-the-menu special order cheeseburger. I cannot tell you how long I’ve been in pursuit of the perfect location and chef to re-create my Canadian style Cheeseburger. (Since 1992) But I will say it has been a very long time.

While waiting for me Canadian style cheeseburger, I plan to order a Dr. Pepper. It is the perfect drink for the double stacked, mayo, cheese, on a sesame seed bun burger I plan to consume. The Dr. Pepper in combination with the Spanish fries should blow the taste buds off my tongue. The combination of the Canadian style cheeseburger, Spanish fries, and Dr. Pepper, should by the end of lunch produce a comatose state of pleasure of mass effect, and you will be able to watch me crawl into my bear cave to hibernate the rest of the month.

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