HBMD – Gag Writing Practice – Get the ball back rolling.

NFL referee gag cartoon

Hi world… and others. I’m working on keeping the noggin in shape. Gag writing practice. Feel free to grab one (or as many as you would like) and cartoon it up. #Cartoons #Happiness 

GEO instructions: Copy & Paste, or type the number into a browser. Click on the map. Then click on satellite view. Next click on the orange person pictogram. Click on the nearest map marker, blue dot, or blue line. It only works on the most popular map searching website and only on a computer browser. I did not check any other apps, smart devices, or GIS data bases. Maybe it will work or maybe it won’t in, but in any case you will have fun traveling the internet and to places I would like to visit on our beautiful planet Earth.

NOTE: Fully Baked = Edited and the cartoon illustrated. 

#8191:HBMD – Kid at a Popsicle stand.
KID: “My mom said I cannot talk to strangers, but this is where I think she is wrong.

#8192: HBMD –  A group of young punk rocker rats hanging out at the city street curb gutter.
LEADER RAT: “We’re going to see the Broadway show CATS and that’s final”

#8193. HBMD –  Three older women holding money bags dressed in all black are inspecting a group of e-scooters on a sidewalk outside a bank. Police are running towards them.
OLDER LADY: Mabel I Think we can use these for our getaway.

#8194: HBMD –  Dogs in suits at a gallery wine tasting.
CAPTION: “I use to be an Alpo dog. These days, I’m all on an organic grass fed beef and chicken diet.”

#8195: HBMD – Nerd hunched over a computer screen blazing away on the keyboard.
NERD: “This will fix you.That’s the last time you deliver my pizza cold”

#8196: HBMD Two dogs standing upright at a city street corner looking at newly fresh cement cut out sidewalk.
DOG 1: “I hate what they are doing these days to the sidewalks.”
DOG 2: “What happened to the days when a curb was a curb?”
DOG 1: “Skateboarders, my friend, skateboarders.”

#8197: HBMD –  Office, two employees at cubical desks watching a coworker zoom through the office.
CAPTION: “He said he’s in a race to figure out life.”

#8198: HBMD –  Teenagers on the corner vaping
TEENAGER #1: “CDC says these things might be causing mysterious lung diseases.”
TEENAGER #2: “My parents said they worse than cigarettes”
TEENAGER #3: “Social media says they are causing climate change.”

#8199: HBMD – In a cave. A group of people are sitting at a campfire in business suits. The suits a shredded and dirty.
BUSINESS PERSON #1. “I wonder if there is any chance after all the radiation goes away we can start up a new Stock Market?” GEO:(36.1205223,-85.2682151)

#8190: HBMD – Hibernating bears. Baby bear nudging momma bear.
BABY BEAR: “Mom! I woke up woke up thinking it was Spring and cannot go back to sleep.”


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