Half Baked Mirth – Gag Writing – It’s rolling

Hi world… and others.  You might be asking why is it Half-Baked? Easy, it has not been drawn yet. It need the other have to be fully baked. 

GEO instructions: Copy & Paste, or type the number into a browser. Click on the map. Then click on satellite view. Next click on the orange person pictogram. Click on the nearest map marker, blue dot, or blue line. It only works on the most popular map searching website and only on a computer browser. I did not check any other apps, smart devices, or GIS data bases. Maybe it will work or maybe it won’t in, but in any case you will have fun traveling the internet and to places I would like to visit on our beautiful planet Earth.

NOTE: Fully Baked = Edited and the cartoon illustrated. 

#8201:HBMD – Kid pointing towards under the bed, with mom. Monster eyes staring back.
CAPTION:.”When you realize your kid is not making-up there’s  a monster under the bed!”
I feel like this one might have been done before, however, it did pop into me head…and since it is Half-Baked, that means it can still be fleshed out some more.

#8202:HBMD – Man in bank line looking down while waiting to see the teller
MAN(T-BUBBLE): “These shoes don’t match my belt.”

#8203:HBMD – Same man in the airplane boarding line.
MAN (T-BUBBLE) “Am I the only one wearing shorts?”

#8204:HBMD – On an island. Native island people are gathered talking.  Palm tree huts circle the area. One of them is holding a very detailed Ming Vase.
NATIVE: “Kahuna must’ve started teaching pottery class again.”

#8205:HBMD – Young woman typing on a laptop.
WOMAN(T-BUBBLE): “I’ve picked my two topics to write about, now let’s make 10K a month as a writer!?”

#8206:HBMD – A man standing in front of a woman pulling real Wool over his eyes.

#8207:HBMD – Sidewalk downtown full of Street Opinion / Survey Takers / Petition seeker
Opinion Person #1: “Quick Question!?”
ST: #2 “How are you doing today!?”
ST #3: “Do you like pets!?”
PS #4: “I like that shirt you’re wearing, quick question!?
WOMAN (T-BUBBLE): “Why can’t they all be on the cellphones?”

#8208:HBMD – Sidewalk downtown a very short is walking and VAPING. I giant plume of smoke is billowing out of his mouth – Looks like an old freight train running down the sidewalk.

#8209:HBMD – Man looking at a sign in the window of a city convenience store.
SIGN: “Cigarettes on sale $21/pack”
MAN: “It’s time to switch my addiction.” 

#8200:HBMD – A sad looking man laying in bed. A voice-activated personal assistant (Amazon Echo) is on the nightstand.
MAN: “Computer (Alexa), how do you get up and get dressed?”


BONUS: Headline re-write


America faces a colossal college dropout problem. Here’s what to do about it. (Linked Article)
“America faces a massive drop back-in to live with their parents problem. Here’s what to do about it.”  


Visit over a dozen of Italy’s most famous destinations for $130 with this app. (Linked Article – actually pretty cool deal – I’d do it)
“Have the time of your life visiting some famous Italian destinations with Giuseppe’s “Get Baked” Touring bus.”

SUB HEADING: “And, you don’t have to download another APP.” 


What is the Universe made of? (Linked Article)
What is your Universe made of? Dark Matter? 



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