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Hi there!… The real me = Morgan Phillips

I have been told this is a very important page for your website.  So, I included some graphics to help it be more interesting for you. I am looking to give some CONTACT ME appeal. It’s just a little sample of what I can do. Below is a caricature of an actor friend of mine that I did a few years back.

Caricature design for actor Bo Keister from the Hillbilly Horror Show. That smile of his is infectious!…

Bo was super excited about his caricature and the logo design for his show. Check out the show here –  Hillbilly Horror Show. (He will be even happier.) The photo of him was used as reference. It was shot on location during the filming of the first episode. If you want to see the final of all the characters for the show check out the HHS poster in this post – Hillbilly Horror Show Poster

So yes, you get it….now let’s move on to the….. ::BARE BONES:: If you need any type of graphic art, marketing, comedy, advertisement services please contact me for details. Right now, until they update the PHP so I can make the form boxes again DM me on Twitter @halfbakedmirth 


P.S. – Want to know a little more about me before you send me a message? Check out THE SCOOP Don’t worry, there is another one of these form things on that page as well.

Thank you


Morgan Vann Phillips Graphic Artist
Morgan Phillips Professional Illustrator